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The Mystery of Samplers

Monday, 11 July 2016 Mystery  No comments

Basically, the word Sampler refers to the sample made by a young girl as practice in stitchery. The mystery lies in knowing so little about these exceptional pieces of history.

My heroines, at twenty-one years of age, for example, live in the Regency era, 1800-1820. As little girls at the age of eight or nine years of age, they would have made Samplers. Where are the many Samplers made by young girls of that era, and before? Some have been preserved in museums, but I suspect a great many are in private homes, passed down from family to family.

My husband’s family, (from Yorkshire, England) had a great, great, great aunt, who made an exquisite Sampler in 1798, at nine years of age, while Jane Austen was alive...

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